Manipulation of the Situation no Contribution to the Solution

The Fa§ade


Manipulation of the Situation no Contribution to the Solution

I am who I am and I’m not afraid to let show.

I don’t pretend or try to impress

and I ain’t competing with all my friends.

She lied and stole and sold her soul.

For what? Opportunity – ain’t that the shit.

Obvious it was her ultimate goal.

She twisted the truth and distorted the lies.

I can’t keep up with her slithering eyes.

I don’t care who assumes to know

the bits n pieces of her half-truths.

Her tainted game

spiked with sweet vermouth.


This is the story and I tell it true

You can believe it or not, that’s up to you.

She waited for the moment to push me ova the edge –

Yeah, it hurt me but hurt my kid more instead.

My mother’s instinct was to react and attack

but for my son’s sake

I’m gonna stop and just never look back.


People said they weren’t surprised

by her actions to end me – out for my demise.

It’s ok cause I gave it all back

left you all holding that vile sack.

I sent it on to its rightful owners

Now take your trophy for best award winning actors.

You all own it now – keep it – no strings attached.

It fits you all, what a perfect match.


Bought a house together

Her goal to use, how wonderfully clever.

We R gone and we R done.

Family – to me, there ain’t none.

Never, never, never again

two strikes, three strikes – I can’t believe I called you all kin?

You all spew projectile vile

Out of your mouths it’s nothing but bile.

My family once considered – no longer exists

not even an ounce or moment of reminiscence.


So don’t push us any more

with your stupid tricks and slanderous lies.

I may not have your collegiate crew

I got my own waiting patiently in the queue.

They say have compassion and try to walk in another’s shoes

but that ain’t how you all think

you just simply accuse.

Yet you all claim good Christian people are you,

high on your sanctimonious podium picking only your select few.


Pastor D.A. said, That ain’t no way to be –

We suppose to love and care

but people are blind, don’t you see.

I stare in wonder then I say to him,

I feel empty – Show me a God (TECH N9NE)

He sighs n says people, everywhere, they are all flawed.


I’m seriously immune – this family all whacked

you’re all alike

an unfortunate but true historical fact.

Cut from the same loin cloth of your father

I seriously have no idea why I ever bothered.

You all relish in the misery of others

seriously sad for brothers, sisters, fathers n mothers.


Reasons unbeknownst to all of you,

My Doc wanted to explain so sis knew.

But her ego stepped in – impart betray

so she could get to what she wanted

she yelled, I don’t care – DON’T STAND IN MY WAY.

My out of control scene of action –

It was partly to blame on a prescription drug reaction. (Chantix)


See I know the truth how she treats her friends

1 better than the other

this 1 or that 1 instead.

We fought we argued and I said that ain’t right

but she stood stone cold out of spite.

For why, I said, do you call them friends

book smart she is but still, she didn’t comprehend.

She let them sit and wonder why…

Oh I see, it’s that same ole lie.

She never even called her friend

a week, a month, a year went by.

Beard the lion in his den.

The truth would be nice, every now and then.


Manipulation of the Situation no Contribution to the Solution.

That ain’t no way to live

to gamble on who’s the winning $$ bid.

Pastor D.A. said, That ain’t no way to be

we suppose to love and care

but people are blind, don’t you see.


You all judge me cause I sin differently than you.

Discard me like someone you never knew.

You all call me the bad one for speaking truth

But reality is – you’re all the playas like Babe Ruth.

Yeah I’m crazy even more today

I’d rather be crazy than a hypocrite any ole way.

Lifetime of crazy from regrets of trusting –

I’m mad at myself for that – it’s all pretty disgusting.


You all are the wolf in sheep’s clothing

I was blinded by the blood but now I’ve been cleansed by the water

And day after day, age it is bitterly encroaching.


Sis’s Bro says Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John is the way to a better life

but he dogs and curses his “loving” school teacher wife.

He’s preaches the gospel with his forked tongue –

And passes it around one by one–

and you all continue to smoke his poisonous dung.


I ain’t perfect but I ain’t fake.

I’d rather be this Monster you all helped create.

I know the things that I’ve done wrong

I even begged for sis’s forgiveness

steadily, all day and all night long.

I told her we had no where to go

She pulled rank on OUR house

And didn’t care what we would endure.

Threw us out with no where to go

Over asking her to respect us –

It all turned into an ugly spiraling black hole.


Gave us only four days to move

My son stressed out, asked for more time

She denied his request for just 2 more days

And treated him like he was a disgrace.

She called the police and LIED to them

She hoped they would come and pre-condemn.

Spiteful action after spiteful action sis and her bro took

Over my words of not liking her married boyfriend

Still living with his wife and step-child in a nook.


The boyfriend he ain’t no better,

He should be wearing an A from the scarlet letter.

When I asked him he couldn’t remember where he had met his wife,

I bet that would cut her deep, sharp like a knife.

He still came around when we were moving,

Arrogant demeanor, that’s all that was proving.

Marriage is a covenant between couple and God –

And he claims to be Christian, that’s definitely a fraud.

His daughter asked him while he’s still living with his wife,

“Daddy, are you going to your girlfriend’s house?”

Now she thinks it’s OK to have a boyfriend and a spouse.

Claims he only stayed the year after his wife was caught cheating

To give them insurance from his job

but that’s nothing more than lying and stealing.

I wonder if God is proud of the man he’s become

the cause of so much negative destruction that has succumbed.

A sin is still a sin –

Justification, excuses, and enabling

Doesn’t make it a righteous win.


False Christians you all are,

but God has given us a suit of armor.

He protects us daily –

Aren’t we all suppose to live through him with some kind of honor?

Yeah, you all laugh n poke n tell your cruel jokes,

But we got what we need and at least we do it on our own.


I really would have left all this all alone

had sis not continued to torment and taunt us

after she forced us to leave OUR home.

However, that’s the part

that she n her bro

failed to confess as they both became so obsessed –

Hell bent on destroying us –

Yet you all still claim to be Christian blessed.

Yes I have it, I got the proof –

but it won’t raise your Holy roof.


Bro goes on to antagonize the drama of his baby’s Momma.

Intentionally sets her up just to hear her holler.

I bet he doesn’t tell his wife about the pain he causes

She would never go along or be a subordinate clause.

You all are a source of undue stress but say you love Christ

Which is it? Your blood and actions –

they are all as cold as ice.

Lies to cover your trails of deceit

then mad at me cause I ain’t down on that street.

I ain’t the only one you all torment and taunt

But true word —

it will come back on you, guaranteed to haunt.


The narcissist good at hiding the poisonous arsenic of their true identity –

you all sit around and all quietly whisper your many cruel obscenities.


God’s promise to seek his own revenge

for the broken, the wronged, and persecuted – he will avenge.


You all broke us down with what you did

You’re all true narcissists no conscious no remorse

not even for my kid.

Picked opportunity over loyalty

That’s sis’s true character and her twisted identity.

She discarded my multiple requests to keep her sex and drinking quiet,

My son and his gf in the house, but she didn’t care

Her response – a disrespectful “Oh well” as she just flipped her hair –

My response  as I’d had enough, I caused a drug induced RIOT.

My son said, “It doesn’t feel like our house anymore”

As she and her boyfriend have taken it over.

My son’s feelings didn’t faze her in the least

She continued her improprieties

Didn’t care of its affects –

We became a pawn of the beast.


If it had been your house and this occurred

You wouldn’t have put up with it either

and that’s true word.


But because it’s me and the hate you all hold

the shear enjoyment of hate you all have is disturbingly bold.

You all still claim you walk in Christ,

but seriously how could you,

including all the others you all negatively entice.


NO more of the lies and twisted games

They are both exactly like their father’s sick twisted fame.

Years ago I should have stayed gone

Not let you use us like some chess pawn.

I may be crazy, or sick, or demented

But I have never lied

nor I have never treated you all like you’ve treated us

With such hate, no grace, and such constant family divide.


Final to the word is to leave us alone –

No more taunts and no more words.

I’m Packin9 and Trailing6

I ain’t playing games

or want any part of your constant drama and conflicts.

Just turn around and go the opposite way

Or you’ll be standing in front of your Judgment Day.


Like I said, I have the absolute proof

for both of them so self absorbed and aloof.


I don’t care if you believe me or not.

I’ve washed my hands,

and left you all holding your own vile pot.


Manipulation of the Situation no Contribution to the Solution.

“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”

Which you all only apply to those you all feel worthy or best.

1 Corinthians 13: two

“To love one another or you have nothing..” does that not apply to you?


Hey, Pastor D.A.

I ain’t blind no more, you see

It’s all clear now

how false Christians and people can really be.

I see why people give up

Alone in the dark, crucified by hate and lies and hidden deceit.